Counter Surveillance

Hidden Truth Investigations provides professional counter surveillance services for government, military, businesses, non-profits, executives, high risk individuals and residential clients. Our highly skilled counter surveillance experts use the most advanced TSCM equipment available.

Counter surveillance services are also known as TSCM, bug sweeps or electronic eavesdropping detection. Our services detect traditional electronic surveillance devices. And, we also detect Cyber TSCM surveillance devices that use bluetooth, wi-fi or the cellular network to forward your sensitive information to an eavesdropper. As well, we address vulnerabilities with bluetooth, wi-fi and cellular networks that can be exploited for electronic eavesdropping purposes. Hidden Truth’s counter surveillance services include both traditional TSCM and Cyber TSCM.  So, our services are comprehensive. Our counter surveillance services address the complex eavesdropping detection threats and vulnerabilities landscape of our “connected” world.

  • Technical threat assessment
  • Full physical and electronic TSCM / Cyber TSCM survey
  • Illicit IMSI Catcher Detection
  • Phone closet, phone lines and instruments (if requested)
  • Wi-Fi security examination
  • Network room(s) (if requested)
  • Locating electronic eavesdropping devices
  • Identifying technical security vulnerabilities
  • Verbal debrief on site
  • Product and service recommendations to improve your technical security
  • Spyware/malware detection for mobile devices and computers (if requested)
  • GPS tracker and electronic eavesdropping device detection for vehicles (if requested)

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