Criminal Defense Investigations

Have you or someone you love been falsely accused of a crime? We can help. Most attorneys do not have the time or resources to investigate crimes, that is where we come in!

We will carefully review the prosecuting evidence and interview witness and collect evidence that can help you get your case dismissed or win at trial.  We will fight to prove your innocence using legal methods that are fully admissible in court.

We have worked with many criminal defense attorneys who are unaware of how prosecutors actually approach and pursue cases. Our investigation team possesses the experience that can only be obtained by having an investigator who has served with many attorneys who were former federal prosecutors and one who was an Assistant United States Attorney. This gives us substantial insight into the criminal justice system, allowing us to more effectively achieve results.

We treat our clients with dignity and respect and will give them daily updates if requested on the progress of the case.

We understand that facing criminal charges can be an extremely frightening experience. We also understand that even though you may be facing these charges, you still possess rights that should be defended. We treat you with the respect you deserve and work closely with you in determining the best course of action for your case.

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