Executive Protection

Personal Protection Officers

Our associates are licensed by the State of Oklahoma as Armed Security Officers  (bodyguards). Most have a background are current or former police officers. We use traditional techniques and advanced technology for our executive protection services.

We offer discreet armed protection 24/7.

  •  Our executive protection bodyguards are highly skilled individuals who know all the dynamics of VIP protection since they are off-duty law enforcement officers and military personnel who have received special training and experience in executive protection.
  • Executive protection personnel hired by Hidden Truth Investigations have excelled in public relations skills and provide discreet VIP protection in Oklahoma.
  • A full risk assessment of threats and vulnerabilities faced by the clients.
  • Customized executive protection plan designed especially to provide optimum level of security for the VIP at home, work, and on the go.
  • Active protection for the office, residence, and executive suite.
  • Special protective measures are taken especially for high profile event
  • High-level protection for the executives when traveling abroad or domestically
  • Our bodyguards are also experienced in evasive driving techniques and advanced route planning for optimal protection on the go.

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