Missing Persons

It is often very simple for professionally trained private investigators to locate missing persons. In many instances, the people considered to be missing have simply moved without notifying everyone they know. When this happens, friends and family can lose touch with one another for years, or even the rest of their lives. Most people do not know where to start searching if the lost friends they are seeking are not listed in the White Pages. Here at Hidden Truth Investigations, we have a team of private investigators who can potentially locate the missing person you are searching for within a few hours.

Other cases of missing persons are not so simple. If the person you need to find had a history of excessive debt or difficulty repaying money loaned to him, he may have fled his life, making a conscious decision to tell as few people as possible his destination. People who flee from debt or the law often leave a very scanty paper trail, knowing any documentation of their whereabouts can lead to arrest or captivity by their creditors.

Hidden Truth Investigations Locates Missing Persons

Only private detectives, like the professionals here at Hidden Truth Investigations, can find people who make themselves difficult to find. We start our search by finding out as much as possible about the people you are looking for. Then our investigators use years of experience and knowledge to connect the various clues we discover during investigations.

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