Undercover Business Investigations

Are you feeling uncomfortable regarding the trustworthiness of someone close to you, or have suspicions of dishonesty? Do you have reason to believe that an employee is stealing merchandise or money? Do you need help securing evidence of insurance fraud, or some other criminal activity to create a legal case against an untrustworthy individual?

Hidden Truth Investigations offers private investigations and undercover agent services for the public and private sector. If you have suspicions or doubts, a private detective can help supply you with the proof, evidence, or documentation you need to take action, or provide peace of mind that your suspicions were unfounded.

From comprehensive state and federal background checks, to physical surveillance by a certified private detective, we will gather the information you need through a variety of sources. Then we will help you interpret the data, so that you can convert the information into evidence that may be used in court, if necessary.

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